A 15-year-old girl was gang raped in Noida 3 Arrested

NOIDA: A 15-year-old girl was gang rapped in Noida. She was having mental trauma due to such a crucial act. 3 rapists were arrested by the Police in Noida and taken to the court. The court shares that the well-being of school-going children in sexual harassment cases gives long-term effects on children’s mental health which can be called mental trauma or mental harassment of children. 

At the time of the medical examination, a rape suspect managed to run away from police custody at the district hospital in Noida sector 30. The FRI was registered in sector 113 at the area police station in the month of October. The FRI was registered under sections 363 and 366 for Kidnapping and adopted women. Suspect Kamlesh who is 19 years old was arrested in sector 71 along with the girl as per the Deputy commissioner of police in Noida Me. Ashutosh Dwivedi. 

Kamlesh was brought to the medical checkup by the police and before the tests are done, he went to the washroom and escaped from there he was under the observation of constable Yashbir and along with the home guard. The search operation was called by the senior’s involvement. The sexual harassment, 376 section of rape, and the POCSO Act were added in the FRI after the medical tests of a 14 years old girl were recovered.

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