Former Indian President and the recipient of the highest civilian award- Bharat Ratna was hospitalised on Monday 10th of August, 2020 where the doctors conducted an emergency brain clot surgery. Mr Mukherjee is still at an army hospital in Delhi where he was also found COVID- positive and is on a ventilator

As Pranab Mukherjee’s health has worsened and still critical his daughter and Congress leader Sharmistha Mukherjee tweeted, “Last year 8 August was one of the happiest days for me as my dad received Bharat Ratna. Exactly a year later on 10Aug he fell critically ill. May God do

whatever is best for him & give me the strength to accept both joys & sorrows of life with equanimity. I sincerely thank all for their concerns (sic)”.

His daughter reminisces the moment precisely a year ago when her father received ‘Bharat Ratna’ on August 8th, 2019 and says that it was the happiest moment. Further, the Army’s Research and Referral (R&R) Hospital in Delhi has said on Tuesday that Mr Mukherjee’s health has deteriorated after he underwent a critical brain clot surgery on Monday. Also, he has been found COVID- positive and in Ventilator support.

Mr Mukherjee tweeted on Monday that he had been tested positive for novel coronavirus and has urged people who had come in contact with him the last week to follow the protocols and isolate themselves and to get tested for the virus.

As soon as the news of his hospitalization reached the public, wishes started to pour in from different parts of the country for his early recovery and stable health. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh visited the R&R Hospital on Monday and enquired about his health. Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi also conveyed his best wishes for the former President and wished him early recovery.