//Rajasthan Govt Crisis: Talks of Reconciliation After A Month-Long Rebellion

Rajasthan Govt Crisis: Talks of Reconciliation After A Month-Long Rebellion


A month after Sachin Pilot led a revolt against Ashok Gehlot government in Rajasthan, sources have confirmed a major “breakthrough.”Congress sources revealed that a meeting between Pilot and Gandhi’s took place at Rahul Gandhi’s residence in New Delhi. The meeting took place on Monday around 12:30 noon and sources commented about “positive outcomes.” The meeting lasted for about two hours and Pilot was assured that inadequacies of Rajasthan Government brought forth by Pilot camp will be resolved.

According to sources, Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi assured that no action will be taken against any MLA from Pilot camp, despite the consistent demands by CM Gehlot and his supporting MLAs. Pilot was sacked from the post of Deputy Chief Minister and such was the fate of all his loyal legislators who rebelled along with him. There was talk of Pilot to be likely reinstated on both of his previous positions as a homecoming, that is Deputy Chief Minister and Congress State Chief. However, Pilot Camp’s demand for removal of Ashok Gehlot from CM position is “out of question.” The rebellion Pilot camp has refrained from commenting over these developments.

On Sunday, CM Gehlot also indicated that he could be open to reconciliation efforts. Sources also revealed that Pilot has agreed to vote for the Gehlot government in a floor test in the legislative session that will be convened on August 14.

Sachin Pilot, along with 18 other MLAs rebelled against what they believe to be incompetency in the Ashok Gehlot’s governance and misuse of public’s trust. What followed through the month of July was toiling crisis within Congress where brash comments and allegation were passed around from both sides. CM Gehlot recurringly accused Pilot and BJP of toppling the government. However, finally, Congress manages to bring out a sliver of hope for Ashok Gehlot led Congress government.