Many people around the globe have a misconception that eating healthy means to cut down on their meals. Well, eating healthy on the other hand is more about the intake of a wide variety of food in the right amount as to receive all the necessary nutrients. Hence, one just needs to make sure that s/he is taking the right amount of food. Especially, a wide variety of meal should be availed for children thus, help them with their physical and mental growth.

Further, eating healthy or balanced has many benefits as, when a person eats healthy s/he sleeps better, have more energy and better concentration- all this adds up to our healthy and happy lives and building a better lifestyle. Also, one should understand what kind of meals comes under a healthy diet, such as:

1.   Green, leafy vegetables, starchy vegetables, beans and peas which falls under legumes, eggplants and including others.

2.      Fruits but not the canned ones dipped in syrups.

3.      Whole grains which would include oats, barley, brown rice, wheat etc.

4.      Protein which one can consume through meat such as chicken, pork, fish etc.

5.      Dairy products are also important to maintain a healthy diet which includes milk, yoghurt, cottage cheese, soy milk and others

Eating healthy which has always been challenging for most of the population is quite simple. One doesn’t have to follow a strict diet chart except the ones with some chronic disease. A person is usually born healthy and just needs to maintain it. Well, there are certain benefits of maintaining a healthy diet which cannot be ignored. They are as follows:

1.      Helps in weight loss.

2.      Helps prevent the chronic diseases and build a good immune system.

3.      Cancer risk is reduced.

4.      Diabetes can be controlled.

5.      Healthy diet helps to maintain the heart’s health and prevents stroke.

6.      Improved memory and better mood.

7.      Improved gut health.

Also, eating healthy includes cutting down the consumption of junk and oily food. As, if one takes a good amount of nutrients and eats junk food (fries, burgers, chow etc) as well, then there is no use. Further, a healthy diet also inculcates some amount of physical exercise so the nutrients can be dissolved in the body and used for proper functioning also, for a person to keep fit. Further, during these procuring conditions of the pandemic, it would be very helpful to maintain a healthy diet.