22% Of the Rise in the Delhi GST Collection + other changes have been made for this New Year 2023

22% Of the Rise in the Delhi GST Collection

Delhi GST Collection: From January 2023, ten such big changes are going to happen in our country, which is important for the common man to know about. It is related to cars, motorcycles, cycles, and mobile phones. Many different types of new rules and regulations are going to be implemented in this new year 2023 which is important for the common man. The changes will apply to the package of the product, now what will be new. So, most of the food items come at that time, and the rules of the items are also going to have to change.

The government is going to implement a new gst rate for the packets of items which will have 2 costs. Now you will get to throw two types of the new branch. One price will be according to the quantity and the other price will be according to the bank. Now it will be necessary to write a single unit price. This rule is going to be implemented from January 1, 2023. You will see the day you bring the mobile phone, it will be charged as well.

A government pass has to be submitted with important information while buying and selling the mobile phone and the form will be told to fill. It will be given to you only after registering on the portal i.e. it will be given to the customer. So the department has made it mandatory to register the IMEI number of every mobile manufacturer, and export. TV channels will also have to telecast half an hour of daily content in the interest of the country, guidelines have been issued by the central government and all the Tv channels. Apart from this, the coming rule of spending six airbags in big cars.

Now all married women are allowed to take part in the Miss World Competition. The age criteria have changed. Although by age you will be the same. Well see next, the Electricity bill will come every month, whether new gst calculation.

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