4 Men try to Kidnap a woman caught on CCTV camera

4 Men try to Kidnap a woman

An attempt is being made to kidnap a woman in Yamuna Nagar city of Haryana. This has been captured on CCTV. Actually, after working out in the gym, the woman sat in her car. Four people came and entered the car and tried to kidnap her. However, one of the accused has now been arrested and an investigation is underway.

What happens is that a woman finishes her workout in Yamuna, Sits in a car and suddenly these four men probably enter her car. They try to kidnap her. Since all this is caught on CCTV, one of them is likely to be arrested. incidents have been happening since the new year started. And this is increasing day by day. Our Girls and women are not safe in this century as well.

People are being very brutal to women and committing brutal crimes. we have been using in news on daily basis that woman was harassed, murdered, raped, killed, cut into pieces, and all. If this continues then Delhi will be called Crime City soon.

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