A Delhi Cop on patrol duty was stabbed twice in Delhi’s Qutub Vihar Area

A Delhi Cop on patrol duty was stabbed twice

Delhi Cop: One of the most important stories happening in India is of course a cop being stabbed by a local man in public. where nobody came to help the cop at that time. You must have seen the footage, horrific footage of a cop being stabbed and killed in full public. It raises important questions. It raises questions about the Delhi Cop. It raises questions for us as people as we must have seen in the footage what happened after this policeman was stabbed to death.

It is very disturbing in more than one place. A two-minute, six-second clip, which has now gone viral, captures the last moment’s assistant Sub Inspector Shambhu Dayal of Delhi Police. This incident of January 4 captures the gruesome murder of ASI Dal, who is being stabbed multiple times by a criminal in the video. And shockingly, all this is happening in broad daylight with about 20 bystanders in the Missouri area of the national capital. The 57-year-old brave cop in the final leg of his police service grapples with the assailant as onlookers.

No one comes forward to help the policeman as he tries to pin the accused who injure the police officer who later succumbed to his previous injuries. This incident raises a lot of questions, questions about how insensitive we, the people have become about the police’s response and their training in a crisis. But before we got to these questions no one came up to help the Policeman.

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