A McDonald’s restaurant in Ottawa, Canada, dubbed the world’s worst McDonald’s is shutting shop after 38 years

A McDonald’s restaurant in Ottawa, Canada, dubbed the world’s worst McDonald’s

The notorious McDonald’s restaurant on Rito Street is closing its doors. A regular stop for police most weekend nights, it’s now set to close permanently in April. After 38 years in business. This update comes after years of issues at the Rito Street location. The property owner tells CTV news that McDonald’s decided to not renew the lease, meaning the restaurant will close in April at this infamous McDonald’s location on Rito Street in downtown Ottawa. The doors will soon be closing.

Well, McDonald’s lease runs out at the end of April. The restaurant first opened in 1985, but in recent years has become a notorious spot for late-night crowds. One viral video filmed in December 2013 shows a man pulling a baby raccoon out of his sweater while others were involved in a fight. In 2022, Ottawa police were called to this location more than 150 times. And in 2018, there were more than 800 calls with the news. A few years ago regarding all the violence going on, all the drug use downtown, can’t use the bathroom shared with the local public.

Then Ottawa police chief Charles Bordello sent a letter to the President and CEO of McDonald’s Canada raising concerns about ongoing criminal activity and social disorder at the location. Then McDonald’s reduced its hours of operation to 06:00 a.m.To 10:00 P.m. Currently, you can’t sit inside the restaurant to eat. It’s takeout only and the bathrooms are closed to the public. In the city of Ottawa, everything that can be done to make it better should be done.

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