Asha Parekh Responds to Kangana Ranaut’s Views on Bollywood Friendships

A Veteran Actress Responds to Kangana Ranaut’s Views

Friendship is a cherished aspect of life, and it holds true in the world of Bollywood as well. Recently, Kangana Ranaut stirred up a conversation by claiming that genuine friendships are scarce in the glitzy world of Indian cinema. Asha Parekh, a seasoned actress with decades of experience, had a different perspective. In a recent interview with News18, she shared her thoughts on the matter and couldn’t help but wonder why Kangana seems to have a hard time making friends in the industry.

Asha Parekh’s Journey in Bollywood

Asha Parekh has had a remarkable journey in the film industry. She’s been a part of numerous iconic films and has worked with many legendary actors and actresses. Her journey has been filled with highs and lows, just like any other actor’s, but what stands out is the enduring friendships she’s cultivated over the years.

Genuine Friendships in Bollywood

During the interview with News18, the conversation naturally shifted to Kangana Ranaut’s recent claims about the absence of true friendships in Bollywood. Asha Parekh politely disagreed with this notion. She pointed out that she still maintains strong and lasting friendships with her contemporaries, including Waheeda Rahman and Helen. The camaraderie and affection she shares with them are a testament to the existence of genuine friendships in the industry.

Personal Choices in Making Friends

Asha Parekh made it clear that the choice to befriend someone is highly personal. She emphasized that it’s up to each individual to decide whether they want to form friendships with others. When asked whether such friendships still exist in today’s film industry, she suggested, “If you’re curious about it, you should ask Kangana why she feels this way. Why didn’t you ask her why she made that statement? It’s up to each individual whether they want to be friends with someone or not. So, you should ask her why she doesn’t make friends. In my experience, she’s quite pleasant.”

Kangana Ranaut’s Perspective

In a previous interview with Curly Tales, Kangana Ranaut was asked which three people from Bollywood she would invite for a Sunday brunch at her house. Her response was candid. She stated that she didn’t find anyone in Bollywood worthy of being her friend, and that they didn’t meet her qualifications for friendship. Her remarks reflected her personal views on forming friendships within the industry.


In conclusion, Asha Parekh expressed her disagreement with Kangana’s opinion on friendships in Bollywood. She highlighted her own enduring friendships with industry colleagues as proof that genuine bonds can be formed in the world of cinema. Kangana, on the other hand, seems to have a different view on building meaningful connections within the film industry.

Friendships, like in any other sphere of life, are deeply personal and can vary from person to person. The Bollywood industry, like any other, is a diverse place with a range of experiences and perspectives on the matter. Asha Parekh’s stance, rooted in her own experiences, serves as a reminder that meaningful friendships can indeed thrive in the glamorous world of Bollywood.

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