Bengal Politics: Didi’s Suraksha Kawach is Ready

In west Bengal, there is no NaCl from the tea election and before the child election. Mamata Banerjee is carrying thirty-three security covers. We are going to have a look at what security covers and what the cheats adopted by the opposition regarding the issue of Security. Security and railway politics have become very popular before 10-4. If Delhi security is done. Mamata ji has rules. There is a schedule of 50 years worth of elections.

The Trinamool Congress thing is very much West Bengal and chief Mamata Banerjee has launched two initiatives to die, that is why it is said that Calcutta has launched security cover in Kolkata. When the valley is ahead of the Lok Sabha. At that time Banerjee ji launched only a few initiatives after trusting Didi had done this program in the country. Let’s see by the comment being made and actually, you have said that whatever program is the shield of security, what will it do as long as the connection is there and someone else will do it and the name given to it is Cds security saver by the best Bengal key.

The name has been given, and Didier Suraksha Kavach will campaign together before the election as we move ahead, our responsibility will increase even more on Bengal, show India what Mamata has said here. The government has initiated the protection. It is very deep protective, it will be launched on 11-4, in which three and a half consecutive Lakh party workers will present, then crore colors of the household will be covered in this.

Which is the focus of fifteen government schemes, Rajya Sabha government schemes, such as Chachi Bazar Yojana, which has been the story, health partner girl, education, eighty-one student credit card search, fifteen kings, the state government will cover them all, and yes.

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