Bharat Jodo Yatra Reaches UP and will move to Haryana By 6th January 2023

Bharat Jodo Yatra Reaches UP and will move to Haryana

Again from the national capital at around10:00 a.m after a nine-day long winter break. Now the Bharat Jodo Yatra will resume from Kashmiri Gate in old Delhi. And it will then enter Uttar Pradesh via Ghaziabad UP is going to be the 10th state of the Yatra, as it has covered nine states and 46 districts till now in its 108 days. At around noon, the Yatra’s flag handover ceremony from Delhi to Uttar. Pradesh will be held at Delhi up the border in Loni Kasiyaba.

The Bharat Jodo Yatra is going to enter Uttar Pradesh. It’s 10th state. After a nine-day break, Bharat Jodo Yatra will resume daily today. So, Yatra will begin somewhere around 10:00 a.m. From Kashmiri gate. And before the Yatra resumes both Rahul Gandhi or Priyanka Gandhi will be visiting the nearby Hanuman temple. And then they will be receiving theatre from Kashmiri Gate and the Darwin well-known yatra will officially enter. What you are being told is that before the Yatra enters Yatra will go through the affected areas including Jaffra, park. So across those areas will take the flag from the dead.

Chaudhry will be handing over the flag to the up congress leaders. He will also be walking through the second upon our sources. So the Yatra will enter UP somewhere at around noon. We also know that the Bharat Jodo Yatra while it was in the national capital and there was a lot of politics around it. And even Rahul Gandhi outfit that he was wearing a t-shirt in Delhi’s five to six degrees temperature.

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