BJP workers’ Protests Against AAP Outside Kejriwal’s House

BJP workers’ Protests Against AAP

The latest updates of the protests that are currently underway by both the BJP and the AAP. Both sides continue to maintain that the other side is to blame. This comes after the showdown that we witnessed on Friday in the NCD. House between the BJP and up councilors, which led to them even coming to blows. And since then, things have only escalated. There’s been a heated war of words.

The arm of the party also accused the Delhi Lebanon governor of clearly being biased and acting in an unconstitutional and undemocratic manner. The question that looms is what happens next? With the stalemate continuing, will we see a mayor be chosen? all over the news channels. It looks like it could take a week or two for things to settle down after democratic proceedings to move forward because, at this point, the Aam Aadmi Party is saying very clearly that they want to change as far as the nominated members are concerned.

The Delhi left man, the governor, accused him of being a puppet of the central government. Well, this is the same charge that they’ve been making for quite some time that the LG’s office is working at the behest of the BJP to give them an advantage on the floor of the house when it comes to electing the next mayor of the rest of the capital. The workers here who are protesting, have got some counselors also who were present on that day when it happened.

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