BJP got stuck after the court’s decision in the UP civic elections. BSP got it and Mayawati became active

BSP got it and Mayawati became active

Mayawati ji became active and said, “This intelligent class conference was a great success in the districts of Prayagraj, Ambedkar Nagar, Pratapgad, Kasganj, Mathura and Agra, etc. The alarm bells have been accepted This is a common discussion in the whole of Uttar Pradesh.

This is also happening because they have openly started abusing the government against this program. While the DSP moved forward only after the government’s rights were included by the enlightened class and also by fully organizing the government’s rules of Corona. But the BJP government has started binding this change by imposing new conditions and restrictions.

Such complaints are being received at some places of enlightened conferences. K is ruling over the BJP, so it is giving problems in some places and not giving problems in some places. And it is being said that not many people can participate in your programs, which is also strictly criticized.”

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