Lifetime Ban On Youth Buying Cigarettes In New Zealand

New Zealand: The government of New Zealand imposes a lifetime ban on youths from buying cigarettes. The government took this decision on Tuesday and gave into law a unique plan and solution to place out smoking. The law says that Tobacco can never be sold to anyone born after 1 January 2009 and the minimum age to purchase cigarettes will continue to increase over time. 

The minimum age for buying cigarettes will rise and someone who is trying to buy cigarettes and the person is 50 years old and they have to provide an ID while buying the cigarettes and would need up to 63 years of age. 

The Health authorities have faith that smoking will fade away if we give it time and accept the changes by the government. The new law also reduces the relative sale of cigarettes and decreases the amount of nicotine in tobacco that is used in smoking. 

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