Cold Waves Reached Several Regions in North India

North India continues to suffer because of cold waves. Yesterday started that dense to very dense fall conditions are going to continue in some parts of Uttarakhand, Punjab, Haryana, west Rajasthan, and even the national capital. Yellow and orange alerts have been issued in Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, and even Jammu and Kashmir. In the plains, the IMD has declared a cold wave; the minimum temperature drops to four degrees Celsius.

A cold wave is also declared when the maximum temperature is ten degrees Celsius or below, and it’s 4.5 degrees below normal. A severe cold wave is when the minimum temperature dips to two degrees Celsius or the departure from normal is more than 6.4 degrees Celsius. The kind of situation that we are witnessing. It is completely covered in dense fog. Now, the visibility level at the moment is about 100 meters.

People are not able to see places more than 100 meters away. Many reports and news have been showing recent updates on the dense fog and telling people to be careful of the cold waves. The temperature is going to drop down to 4 degrees and it is very harmful to the people who are living on roads and footpaths. Not just Delhi, but the other neighboring states like Haryana, Punjab, and Eastern UP are also in fact facing the same situation.

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