Delhi LG direction on recovering 97 crores from AAP:

Delhi LG direction on recovering 97 crores

Delhi LG: Political advertisements and their publishing in the guise of government advertisements took place in 2006. Delhi Governor V.K Saxena told the chief secretary to recover Rs 97 crores from Aam Admi Party (AAP) for Political Advertisements. The statement was spread through some official sources on the day of Tuesday. It is also said that the development will take place only when AAP gives its rights to the BJP in MCD election polls. 

Delhi Leftenent government says that the Rs 97 crores should be recovered within 15 days to us from AAP. The LG has ordered that it is the money of the Delhi government and it should be recovered from the AAP which was spent on Ads. The supreme court orders to pay it back to AAP. 

Apart from that and a supreme court order was made in the year of 2015 for political advertisements which got published in the government advertisement and now it’s time to recover the amount as it is the government’s money. Aam Admi Party is asked to return the amount soon.

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