Delhi Schools Remains Shut till 15th January Due to Temperature Going Down

Delhi Schools Remains Shut till 15th January

Delhi Schools Remains Shut: Given winter, the Delhi government has been advising private schools to be shut till 15 January. This is what the Delhi government has said in the advisory issue for private schools by the Directorate of Education government of Delhi. It has been said that given the winter, the school should be shut till 15 January.

While Delhi government schools have a notification from the 1st to the 15th, the advisory has been issued for private schools as well to keep schools closed till the 15 January. The situation and zero visibility in many areas of the Delhi NCR region are extremely cold. And that’s the reason why this advisory has been issued. Absolutely. The entire national capital is dealing with the severe cold wave and envelope which is enveloped the entire national capital. And remember, this advisory has come on a day when Delhi recorded the lowest temperature of 1.9 degrees Celsius.

Delhi government has advised all these schools, including the private schools, to remain closed till January 15 in the wake of a cold wave prevailing. We can inform you that the materials department has also advised people to stay indoors given the fact that there is a possibility that people might also get frost pipe because of the intense cold wave which is sweeping across the national capital.

Apart from this, visibility has also dipped in many parts up to 100 meters, which is making a lot for people to commute and it’s causing a lot of inconveniences. Therefore, the government advised that all these schools, including the government schools and private schools, close till 15th January.

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