A Delhi woman was dragged by a car In Sultanpur for 1 and a half hours. A friend says she was not alone.

A Delhi woman was dragged by a car In Sultanpur for 1 and a half hours

Delhi woman was dragged by a car: Fresh developments in the Delhi accident case have revealed the victim was accompanied by another friend on acute at the time of the accident. According to the police, the woman who died, a two-wheeler was hit by a car in outer Delhi and also had a female friend along with her who suffered injuries in the accident. The other girl returned home after the accident. The police said adding that the victim was stuck under the car and was dragged 12 km from Kanjawala.

The police have recorded the statement of the victim’s friend in the case. According to media reports, It is seen that the accident victim is in pink clothes while a friend is seen wearing red clothes. According to the police, the victim and a friend would see coming out of a hotel where they had gone to celebrate the new year. When they came out of the hotel, the woman’s friend drove the vehicle while Anjali was seen seated in the back.

However, after covering some distance the two girls were seen exchanging seats and the woman’s friend sat on the back of the scooter. Soon after, a car rammed into the scooter after which Anjali got stuck in the vehicle and was tracked for nearly 13 km. Her friend who sustained minor injuries in the accident couldn’t please seen fleeing the accident spot on Monday, the Delhi police said a medical board has been constituted to conduct the postmortem of the accident victim.

According to the fiat files of the case, the five accused who have been arrested had borrowed the car hours before the incident took place. At around 02:00 a.m. On Sunday, Deepak Kanna and Ahmed Kanna took the car from their friend Ashutosh and later left the vehicle at his residence in an accidental condition. The two told Ashutosh they had drinks and that the car met with an accident with a scooter in the Krishna Vihar area, the FIA states adding that the leader fled towards Kanjawala.

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