Digital Ticket Solution will be enabled for Delhi Public Buses

Digital Ticket Solution will be enabled for Delhi Public Buses

As we know, there are many Buses in Delhi. Due to covid, the problem has been taken to the next level. You can book the ticket very easily, and you can prove your seat by forming an Digital ticket. You do not have to go to the counter or to the TC to collect the ticket. You must also know whether it is interesting or not that the E-ticket system has been launched and has been in practice since the new year started. This is just to maintain social distancing. The arrival of the new Corona virus is again a pain in the head.

The E-ticket system needs to be performed by every passenger who is traveling on the Bus. This E-ticket has become mandatory now for the passenger who is paying for the tickets and for women too who are allowed to travel for free. The issue has been raised and asked to practice due to the return of the coronavirus and its new version in India and Delhi.

To maintain social distancing and to avoid the spread of virus symptoms to other people, this system of E-tickets has been announced by the Government of India. Delhi Sarkar has started a ticket trial from 5th August for all types of buses. Passengers traveling in buses have to download an application/ App called ‘Chartr’ on their mobile phones.

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