Drunk Passenger Pees on A Woman In the Air India Flight Business Class

Drunk Passenger Pees on A Woman In the Air India Flight

Air India Flight Business Class: The incident happened in the air inside an aircraft in front of hundreds of passengers. Air India has now confirmed an incident on the New York-Delhi flight, where a male passenger exposed himself and urinated on a female passenger. And that female passenger was a senior citizen in her 70s who was sitting in the business class.

A male passenger in an inebriated state, which means that he’s likely had too much alcohol, went and urinated on a woman, exposing himself to a senior citizen. A female passenger in a business class. Now, how did this incident come to light? Not via the crew, interestingly. But it was the passenger herself who wrote to the Tata Group chairperson Chandra Shekhar. And that is where the incident came to light. She complained that the cabin crew was insensitive to the situation and simply gave her a pair of additional clothing and slippers to change into.

No action was taken against the male passenger. A male passenger in an inebriated state in an Air India. This is an international flight, New York Delhi flight AI10 Two on November 26 in a business class. The question is, why was this not taken upright away and why was this man not immediately reported to the cops when the aircraft landed?

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