The season gives its first Dense Fog in Delhi:

First Dense Fog in Delhi

Weather Department announced that Delhi gets its very first Dense fog. The layers started from Punjab and went to Delhi from Haryana and Delhi, western UP. the eyes could only see till thousand meters only. The fog Took place on 19th December 2022. 

IMD said that the visibility dropped down suddenly due to the fog which was in Punjab and then came to Delhi NCR. The density of the fog will be counted into pollution as well because it is not just the fog but also the SMOG. It has reduced visibility and the lowest visibility has been recorded where there was just 50 meters’ visibility. There is also zero visibility in some parts of Punjab, Haryana, and Delhi

People are told to be careful while traveling early in the morning. Early morning for might gives you zero visibility. Delhi is constantly the target for Bad weather and the extra Fog Density just gives it another level. The temperature has deep down and with Fog and Smog. Pollution along with Fog is called SMOG. 

It is also the Construction work being in practice along with pollution in Delhi. Delhi is one of the worst polluted cities which is not reducing its pollution level.

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