Foreigners Are Found Covid Positive in Bihar

Foreigners Are Found Covid Positive in Bihar

There was a covid alert at Gaya airport in Bihar, where 4 foreigners were found Covid positive in the RT PCR test. There have been random covid tests happening for international arrivals and passengers are being tested on every international flight. Therefore, four foreigners were found covid positive at Gaya Airport in Madhya Pradesh. They are kept in isolation for recovery.

The foreigners are from different places, one is from Thailand, and one is from Myanmar. 2% to 5% of foreigners are going through RT PCR tests. There is nothing to worry about because they are isolated in the hotels which they have booked for themselves and they are not in serious conditions because they are being treated medically and have been taken care of by the authorities.

These 4 foreigners are being tested positive in a random RT PCR test, said the doctor from the Airport team in Gaya, Madhya Pradesh. And these symptoms are not very serious but found A+ symptoms which is not a big worry. They recover if kept in isolation for the decided period for covid positive people. The new viruses have been affecting China very rapidly and that is not a good sign for other countries too. Covid tests sports should be there at every airport.

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