Go First Flight Forgets 50 Passengers in the Bus itself And Took Off

Go First Flight Forgets

It often happens that you miss your bus, or train and wait for another one to arrive but have you ever missed a flight? Go First Flight forgot to take more than 50 passengers on the flight and took off. It is not a good thing. A shocking incident has come to light at Bangalore airport which has spread across all the news channels. Go First Flight forgot to pick up more than 50 passengers at Bangalore airport and the flight took off.

All the passengers waited to get on board the airline bus and the flight took off. Meanwhile, some passengers of the airlines remained angry and posted their anger on Twitter. On the other hand, Go Air has expressed its regret for the inconvenience caused. This flight was going from Bangalore to Delhi. And forgot to take more than 50 passengers on the flight.

There were 4 buses and boarding passes were checked for all the journeys but forgot to take the passengers on board the flight. The left-behind passengers took to Twitter to express their displeasure. It is being said that the flight had taken off only after getting the clearance. Taking Go First Airlines has also apologized for its negligence.

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