Heavy Weather Storm Hits California

Heavy Weather Storm Hits California

Heavy Weather Storm: A fierce storm has ushered in the new year in California, in Sacramento. It was the wettest New Year’s Eve on record. At least two levees have been overwhelmed. And tonight the danger is not over highway 99. It’s a major north-south roadway where some drivers became trapped and fast-rising floodwaters led to several rescues throughout the region.

The storm is now headed east, bringing feet of snow to Utah and tornadoes to the south. California is dealing with the aftermath of record-setting rains and high winds. Power is out for tens of thousands of residents across the state and the danger now is flooding. A shelter-in-place order is in effect for parts of Sacramento County amid fears a river levy could fail and flood the small community of Wilton, the town’s 5000 residents told to get to higher ground.

“No, I’m not safe. I don’t feel safe. It’s all part of a massive storm that battered California, dumping heavy rain, snow, and high winds, triggering floods, mudslides, and power outages. And I heard a big boom as I looked out the window of my house here, my 100-year-old tree had fallen. The Deluge stranded commuters on a major highway. The 101 satellite imagery shows the atmospheric river, bringing moisture to California, and catching many off guard.

The last few years have been dry and not a whole lot going on. It is now this type of rainstorm in section. So it’s a blessing as California digs and drives out. It’s still too early to tell how much this will ease the drought, but experts will be measuring the vital indicator of the snowpack on Tuesday.

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