India-France Concluded a Joint Naval Exercise in Goa

Naval Exercise in Goa

Naval exercise worldNot 2023 has concluded on India’s western seaboard. The exercise coincides with the 25th anniversary of India’s France strategic partnership. The exercise was conducted for over five days from January 16 to 20th showcasing the outstanding naval cooperation between the two nations in the Indo-Pacific the bilateral naval trade concluded with the french aircraft carrier Cardigan Gauland its embarked air group Marinal Shreka.

Werma Prince, the exclusive tour from the French navy’s flagship aircraft carrier takes a look at India and France embarked on a year of celebration of the 25th anniversary of their strategic partnership and naval exercise. Varuna is the hallmark of India and France’s Strategic bilateral relationship to represent the French navy. The aircraft carrier called Charles Degul in. French we call it CharlesDegul has come here and here. The naval exercise has facilitated operational-level interaction between the two navies to foster cooperation for the security, safety, and freedom of the global maritime commons.

The exercise, which is called Varuna, was conducted over five days and this is the conclusion time. Through this, they have also witnessed advanced air defense services, technical maneuvers, surface firing, and other maritime globals. Now, this is important to see where we are presenting the fly deck, which is 260 meters long. And at a time, 30 aircraft can be parked at this flight deck.

And there are two aviation hangars and each of capacity 2000 meters of wire. As far as the aircraft carrier is concerned the maintenance and repair of the aircraft happen at this particular place. Now, aviation electronics repair is also taking place and it works 24/7.

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