Indian Cricket Team Sponsored with New Jersey with a different look

Indian Cricket Team Sponsored with New Jersey with a different look

The Indian Cricket team is ready against its first series of the year. From Tuesday, it will start a short series of three Indian three matches. India will fort its first series of 72023 against India. However, let us tell you that the first match will be played at the stadium after Mumbai, where the vanity will be in front of them in small matches. Team media captain Hardik Pandya has made it. And he just landed to win and would like to start the series at the beginning of the year.

However, before the series, there was a photo of one of the Indian players. Some six players of the team are seen in this. Sir and different Jain together Which is that in addition to the Prime Minister Malik Shiv Singh, Mukesh Kumar and Raj is visible inside this picture. Let us tell you for information that there has been a slight change in the beauty of India in this animal. Indian was as good as new. The name of the new sponsor of the media will be seen written on the t and the weight The new world has reached with this.

Let us tell you that apart from BCCI, first the name of sports is written on the rest of the shirt, but now I will be seen written. The contract with the sports media was till December 2023. But the team The contract of his year has been given only to clothing limited. And for this reason, the people on the team have changed.

Hardik Pandya and the other three Indians did not play such a match in the captaincy, which was the second on January 5, the third and the zodiac. The match will be played against Sri Lanka on 7th January, then it will be interesting to see how lucky the Indian team is going to be for the Indian cricket team when they finally got associated with new sponsorship.

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