Delhi Riots Case: JNU alumnus Umar Khalid was granted 7 days’ bail to attend their sister’s wedding.

New Delhi: Former JNU student Umar Khalid was granted bail to attend his sister’s wedding. Delhi Court on Monday granted him one-week interim bail and he was arrested in a case related to the Delhi riots. Judge Amitabh Rawat granted his bail from 23rd to the 30th of December. It is said that Khalid who was a former student of JNU had given an application for two weeks of interim bail for his sister’s wedding as per the news report. 

Umar Khalid was arrested by Delhi police in September 2020. According to the media reports, his lawyer had a word with the court that Khalid will not speak to any of the media or the public if he is allowed to attend his sister’s wedding. The Delhi police said that there is a possibility that Umar Khalid might try to interact with the media and public through social media platforms during his bail period. He may also influence the witnesses as per Indian Express. 

Umar Khalid had been under the unlawful activities (UAPA) and provisions of the Indian Penal code for being the mastermind behind the 2020 riots in the month of February in which, 53 people were dead and 700 people were injured. The violence took place at the time of protests against the Citizenship or Amendment Act and the National Register of Citizens. 

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