Nawazuddin Siddiqui Says, “I will never do the small roles even if you pay me 25 Crores

Nawazuddin Siddiqui Says, “I will never do the small roles even if you pay me 25 Crores

Nawazuddin Siddiqui: For some actors and actresses in the industry, their names may not be that big, but whenever they wanted a character, they used to listen and give new ways and appearances to the films. And there is a reason why these people are so big in the film world today. What we are seeing is that whenever a Bollywood movie is coming, it is being opposed or not being opposed, even though it is not getting a proper performance. Either way, whether it is a good movie or a full movie The audience was not reached.

So there are many people whose careers are getting affected by this because they are not working on Ott. Although the fan is also being created in it, despite this, Nawazuddin says, the cinema which remains Visitors used to come to watch me. They are not seen anywhere on that date, if the audience used to come then they stopped eating or the theater you used to watch is even better.

When they get to see it on Tv. Then it is happening. So, somewhere or the other some comment is here. But not from Nawaz but how do those who take hundred crore fees? Speak without thinking but it is not like that at all when they speak then on top of that we again had virtuous questions about the industry. They don’t connect and the car tells the truth straight up.

Nawaz says that without taking anyone’s name and work, recently when Bollywood has been made on box performance and you come in your favorite dress. There is a lot of need in the name of Bollywood it is because of 100 crore directors in cinemas. In an interview with the economic times, Nawaz was asked about the selection of only big films.

He has passion and chases good ideas that may be near me but if I cannot think of a decent idea and both the work will be done from my pocket then look at the perspective of the industry if someone has a wonderful biscuit then the manufacturer Ran from him to water. It is that a good mind cannot give Ideas about a person. He said that Connection should be sold. They cause harm, a small legitimate film never flops.

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