Guess What? Fun New Sports are Coming to the Olympics in 2028

Imagine playing flag football with your friends. Well, guess what? Flag football might become an Olympic sport! And that’s not all – there are four more sports that might join the Olympics in 2028. They are baseball/softball, cricket, lacrosse, and squash.

The big decision about these sports will be made by some important people from the Olympic Committee. They will talk about it at a meeting in India on October 16th. If they agree, these sports will be part of the Olympics!

A person from the Los Angeles 2028 Olympics, Casey Wasserman, said that these sports are cool because lots of people play them. People play them in their backyards, schools, and even in big stadiums. These sports will make the Olympics more exciting and bring in new players and fans from all around the world. Plus, they’ll use technology to make the games even cooler!

The Olympics in 2028 will have these new sports along with the sports they already had, like swimming, soccer, volleyball, wrestling, and gymnastics. This will be the third time Los Angeles hosts the Olympics, and it’s also the first time they’ll host the Paralympic Games, which is like the Olympics but for super amazing athletes with special skills.

So, get ready for some awesome new sports at the Olympics in 2028 – it’s going to be a blast!

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