PATHAN Movie Trailer Releases on 10th Jan 2023. Now, What Controversies Will Tailor have?

PATHAN Movie Trailer Releases

The trailer of Pathan Movie has arrived. The story of the film is about an Indian Spy whose name is Pathan. On his previous mission and told a good story about India in the trailer. There is a freelancer company that also has a contract to carry out major attacks on the country. The company has been hacked by someone to carry out the biggest attack in the history of India. When Pathan was in the South Army room for the last three years, he suddenly got wind that he was in danger. Pathan will come, and after this, there are a lot of bullets and gun talks shown in the trailer.

Shahrukh did not give any hit films in the past 10 years so, this must be something big. There was nothing new in this trailer, people said. That’s why now they are doing that by reserving the public. Shahrukh Khan is back as if every possible fun is being made by making stubble. It is also seen in the trailer of the film. There was no picture in ten years. But what does the pressure of the window make you do? The positive thing about this failure is that India is being attacked but it is okay. No attempt is being made to attack a particular country.

There are many controversies against this movie Pathan and the trailer has taken its place after much opposition. People have been making differences between Muslims and Hindus over the color of the dress Deepika Padukone wears in the Besharam Rang song. Let’s see what controversies arise after the trailer gets released. Shahrukh Khan shares positivity over the film and thinking of people in many interviews.

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