Pitbull bit the girl in Karnal

Vigilance Karnal: A nine-year-old innocent girl was attacked and injured by a pitbull engineer and a dog in a colony of district Karnal, Haryana Rs. A registry Pitbull bit the girl when she was playing on her terrace. Meanwhile, the dog attacked him by jumping over the side wall. The injured girl was playing innocently on the terrace in street number one of the colony in the hospital. Then, hearing the voice of the girl, Pitbull came to her terrace by jumping over a wall of about three and a half feet and attacked her. At the same time, a woman had come to take off dry clothes on another terrace, only then she admitted the girl. When the girl’s condition is said to be serious, the sound of screaming is heard and there is noise in the neighborhood. Pitbull has scratched the girl’s mouth. Planted there. Meanwhile, the owner of the dog also got his ear cut off on the roof. Due to this incident, the residents of the colony arrived. After a lot of effort, he scared the girl from the dog. Got rid of As soon as the girl was released from the clutches of the dog, according to the information, she fainted on Friday evening.

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