PM Modi launches Mumbai Metro Rail lines 2A & 7 Today

PM Modi launches Mumbai Metro Rail lines

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is visiting Mumbai. Now PM Modi will be inaugurating Mumbai metro rail lines 2A & 7 on Thursday. And we are currently present at line seven. What you see is the very metro station as well as the metro train where Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be present himself. While the preparations are going on, the second phase of the metro which comprises lines 2A and 7, is 35 kilometers long.

The line 2A and 7 is more than 18 km and will be running from the Hesar to DNA Naga and in Andheri west and line seven where we are currently present, it will run from the heater to Andheri which means the User will be one common platform, one common station between the 2A and 7 lines. And yes, the preparations for the safe are currently going on. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be reaching Mumbai.

We can see all the preparations at the western excess. Hybrid has been a very big concern. While the metro is going on, this will boost as well as also reduce the traffic. This project has been open since 2015. And this project has significance on two points. One is this is the very first time we have a Mumbai metro network. Although Mumbai metro line one had come long.

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