PM Narendra Modi Ji enjoying Lunch of Millet Dishes at the parliament

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arranged a millet lunch for the MPs. Dishes made of coarse grains were served to the MPs. Narendra Modi ji never minds in promotion and promotion of anything. This time also Modiji served food made of coarse grains to all the MPs and won their hearts. To promote the International Millet Year on a special initiative from PM Modi, Agriculture Minister Naren Singh Tomar organized a lunch for Lok Sabha, and Rajya Sabha MPs, in which Idli, Dosa, Roti made from Jowar, Bajra, and Ragi were served.

A special chef was called from Karnataka to prepare a special lunch for the MPs. More than 22 assistants were also organized along with the chef. This special meal was organized inside the Parliament House itself and a lot of hard work was put into it. The culture of eating ragi, millet, and fever was given. 2023 has been declared as the Year of Millets. In March 2021, the United Nations Assembly unanimously accepted such a proposal related to India.

This proposal was supported by more than 70 countries. And it aims to raise awareness about fitness, green nutrition, and health benefits in changing climate conditions. All the MPs of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha were invited to this Fide Green organized by the Ministry of Agriculture.

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