Public Slogans “Police ki Tanashaahi nahi chalegi, Delhi police haay haay!

Public Slogans: Delhi Police Haay Haay

The statements of the family members of the girl in the Sultanpur accident are not matching at all. The family members of the girl are saying that the girl was first raped and then crushed by the car. The police theory and the statement of the girl’s family members do not match at all. The police are saying that this is a case of a road accident and it has nothing to do with sex education.

But it is being told from the side of the family that the girl was raped and after that, the girl was run over by a car. It is being said that the anger of the people towards the police has gone much later. The public is very angry with the police regarding the Kanjaula incident. The public is loudly raising slogans against the police and repeatedly saying that our sister was first raped and then was run over by a car.

Delhi Police is trying to make it appear that it is an accident. We do not accept this attitude of the police. This too is not an accident but a well-planned rape and later murder. She is demanding to go to get justice for the girl. People are repeatedly raising the same slogans that the police will do. Hello Delhi Police.

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