Serial Killer Charles Sobhraj Out of Jail. He was arrested in 2003

Serial Killer Charles Sobhraj Out of Jail

Phoolchand Bhavnani, the famous name of Charles Sobhraj is the story. One of the world’s biggest serial killers, Charles Sobhraj, neither had a big beard nor a scary face like other criminals. But a smile on his face. Charles Sobhraj, who knew many languages, was one of the biggest criminals in the world in the 70s and 80s. Police from more than 9 countries are searching for him. Known as Killer, he was born in 1944 in Vietnam. His mother was from Vietnam and his father was Indian.

Charles Sobhraj has spent a lot of time in Asia and France and during this time he committed murders in many countries of the world. He is accused of killing 25 to 30 people, mostly young girls. He somehow managed to reach India after Raj was released from prison in France for the first time on charges of theft. Started committing the crime along with his wife in India. Gradually his crime increased. Charles Sobhraj became big news in India for the first time in 1971. However, later Charles Sobhraj was caught and sent to jail. But the Indian police could not do that for long. In 1971, he reached the hospital on the pretext of illness and managed to escape from there. Fleeing from India, Charles Sobhraj went to Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Nepal.

And in Thailand in 1975, Charles Sobhraj was accused of killing more than 10 young women in Bangkok between 1975 and 77. Women were trapped in the trap of love and seeing the opportunity, either threw them on the seashore or killed them.

March 1986 is the day that India’s biggest news! India’s most secure prison managed to escape from Delhi’s Tihar. Later told that Tihar did not run away from the country and that he wanted to escape, but wanted to run away because he was being released from jail in 1987. After that, he is sent to the island. Where he gets a death sentence for more than 10 murders.

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