Shah Rukh Khan sent Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma a message introducing himself through a call

The Assam Chief Minister gets a call from the Bollywood Superstar Shah Rukh Khan. There’s amid tensions going on by the print group over Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming release Pathan. Remember the Assam chief minister on Saturday asked who is Shah Rukh Khan? A protest by Bajrang Dal in Assam was held and during that time the chief minister had asked Who is Shah Rukh Khan. With the release of Pathan at this point we got to know that Assam Chief Minister had received a phone call from Shah Rukh Khan. As we know that there was a protest in one of the cinema halls regarding the screening of the movie Pathan.

Even posters were burned by members of the Bajrang Dal. And following that incident, the journalist asked the Assam CM about the action taken against the Bajrang Dal workers and also regarding the controversy surrounding the movie Pathan to which the Assam Chief Minister had replied asking who is Shah Rukh Khan? However, the Assam CM has also mentioned that no such complaint has been filed by the owner of the cinema hall.

As such, if any complaint or any law and order violation complaint is received then strict action will also be taken in this matter. However, he has said that the Assam government has so far received no such complaint from the cinema hall organization. And also as per sample sources, they are looking into the matter and investigating the matter. The people who were involved in the burning of the posters of the movie in front of the cinema hall will be investigated.

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