The reaction of Shah Rukh Khan  to the BESHARAM RANG Song Controversy

BESHARAM RANG Song Controversy:- Pathan Movie Song Controversy took place as soon as the song ‘Behsram Released and the Saffron color of Deepika Padukon’s dress created controversy. People are constantly posting something or the other about the songs and the title of the song of the Shah Rukh Khan film Pathan. The Most Viral Video is about Shah Rukh Khan giving his reaction at the Kolkata film fair festival. He said that some people are spreading a lot of negativity in the minds of people through social media and creating controversy over the song and title and clothes and color of the clothes. 

Cinemas and Films are means of changing society and no matter what the world does we always has those positive people in our lives. Some people have problems with women wearing hijabs, women not wearing hijabs, and Women wearing short clothes. The world has changed and there should be acceptance of all the changes. But some powerful parties are creating conflicts just for controversy. 

The matter of song Besharam Rang was released on December 12th in which Deepika Padukone and Shah Rukh Khan’s chemistry was shown with some bold dance scenes. Deepika shows her glimmer and bold look giving goosebumps. Deepika was seen wearing Saffron colored Bikini and after that, all the controversy started. No matter what the films do but there has been always controversy over women’s clothes, roles, and dialogues by some powerful parties.

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