Sheezan’s friend claims that there was no fight at the set between Tunisha and Sheezan before her death

Sheezan’s friend claims that there was no fight

“Ayush Srivastava shared the truth behind the allegations against Sheezan. “And in the middle of the world, such a mother who made allegations against him, and Sheezan is under investigation. We are very friendly and we are like family and nothing more than that. They work well and work in heavy shifts of thirteen grades for a period of fourteen hours, followed by twelve or thirteen hours of work.

Some are just fine, and some are not. There was not even one, but there were many lawyers, and nothing like this ever happened in front of us. We go on shoots. After the shoot, we usually go to our rooms. So we go to the room and then when we are on the set, then we come to know that we have never seen anything like this on set before. Sometimes we notice there is some problem on the face, small and fat, who lives among all friends it can be noticed. This can all happen.

but Something like this was not me or none of us haven’t seen since last week Because I haven’t been well since last week Something like this happened recently at the shoot. Nothing like this was expected, something like that but no response. The response happened, still just processing. I think this is a matter for the police. We are very out for this.”

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