Shraddha Walkar’s Murder case: Bone sample DNA matches the Father’s DNA.

New Delhi: The bone samples collected from the Mehrauli Jungles and Gurugram in Shradha’s murder case, matched the father’s DNA who is the father of the victim. After accusing Aftab Poonawalla, the Delhi Police collected several body parts from the forest. Aftab had guided the police through the Jungle to collect the body parts where they had thrown the body parts after chopping off his live-in partner Shardha Walker’s body into many parts.

Aftab Poonawalla is accused of killing his live-in partner Shradha Walker’s body into 35 pieces and trying to dispose of the body parts. The news is wandering saying her head is still not recovered. 

Poonawalla is also alleged to have preserved the body parts in a new refrigerator for 18 days before disposing of the parts or throwing them off the body parts in the forest of South Delhi’s Chhatarpur. 

Shradha had filed an FRI against Aftab back in 2020 at Mumbai’s Vasai Police Station saying that Aftab had threatened to kill her and cut them into pieces and throw them away. And today. He had tried to kill me by suffocating me. He scares me and blackmails me by saying that he will kill me, cut me and throw me away. For 6 months he has been hitting me and torching me and I did not have the guts to go to the police and complain. If I do so, he threatens to kill me and cut me into pieces.”

Shardha’s father said that Vaasai police station had helped Aftab and supported him then in Mumbai otherwise Shradha would have been alive today. He is also assured that Delhi police have assured him that he will get justice. Father had demanded the death penalty for the accused Aftab Poonawalla 

and also shared that he had faced many problems because of the Vasai Police, in Mumbai. 

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