Why was a full stop imposed on the education of girls in the Taliban?

Afghanistan: Taliban has officially announced that the education of Girls in the Taliban has been banned. In Afghanistan. The notice says that there will be no education for the females of the Taliban. The schools, and universities will be closed by the Taliban. The Taliban’s higher education minister announces that the universities will be shut forever for women until further notice.

The education minister also says that this ban is temporary and they will come back with the new curriculum soon. Women and students started a protest against this ban after the announcement was made by the education minister. Not only this but the Taliban had banned secondary education earlier. There has been no freedom for women in Afghanistan as per the activities and decisions made by the authority in the Taliban. As the country faces an economic crisis there have been difficulties and the solution was to oppose women from getting educated and holding on to their fundamental rights as well.

The news all over the world that the Taliban had banned women from even attending social gatherings, they separated boys and girls from sitting together in classrooms and it started from there itself. It was also very difficult for women to attend classes and roam openly on the streets as well. There were multiple types of restrictions opposed against women in Taliban, Afghanistan.

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