Terrorist attack in Pakistan: Suicide Bombing

Friday’s latest headlines! A suicide bomber detonated a terrorist bomb in Islamabad, Pakistan. In which an atmosphere of panic has been created.

A suicide bombing took place in Islamabad, Pakistan. It is being said that this is a terrorist attack in which the blast was carried out by a suicide bomber. Allahabad is the capital of Pakistan. An atmosphere of panic is seen in a video in which people are scared of the blast.

There has been an explosion in Islamabad and there is a possibility of heavy damage in it. The blast happened in the place. One policeman has died and five policemen have been injured in this blast. The blast took place in the Iten sector of Islamabad. Immediately after the blast, this area has been closed and the security system has been put on high alert.

It is also being told that Pakistan’s affairs clashed with the TCP of black money in Afghanistan. And also announced action against Pakistan. This blast in Pakistan happened on Friday.

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