Co-star of Tunisha Sharma Died by Suicide is in police custody and has given LOVE JIHAD ANGLE to the case

Tunisha Sharma Died by Suicide

The police investigation is going on continuously in actress Tunisha Sharma’s Murder case and the statements of 15 people related to this case have been recorded by the police so far. These people are associated with the same serial which has been working for years. Tunisha Sharma left for the shoot from her house on Saturday. The set of his serial comes in the Vasai East area. It is being said that like every day, Tunisha Sharma happily left the house for the shoot that day too.

After asking about the serial set, I also shot the serial in the first half. Around 3:00 pm, there was a lunch break on the sets, and Tunisha Sharma, who is we had lunch with Sujaan Mohammad Khan in the make-up room itself. The question is, after having lunch, what happened so bad that Tunisha Sharma took such a big step and committed suicide? It’s a young man, the time is being blurred by the police.

What would have happened in 15 minutes, maybe there would have been a fight with Sujan Mohammed, or what would have happened that Tunisha had to take her own life? To find out the same, the police have taken Tunisha Sharma’s mobile phone and Sujan’s mobile phone into their custody. Tunisha Sharma’s mother has come forward, and she has been told that Tunisha was very happy about her work 6 months ago when she came into a relationship with Sujan, she informed her mother about it, then she was very happy. But when Sujan broke up with her 15 days ago, Tunisha was very depressed, and within 10 days she had an attack of pale excitement and was admitted to the hospital.

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