Unmarried woman Kills Her Newborn Baby Due to Social Stigma

What is social stigma and how can we explain it? Well, social stigma is the fear in people’s minds if they go beyond the rules of society. Who made these rules and who implemented these social rules which cause stigma for people? We have entered 2023 and the rules have been the same for women. One incident happened soon after the new year began when an unmarried woman threw her newborn baby from the hospital’s washroom window.

She does it. She was having social fear or stigma about how people will treat her and her child because she is unmarried and had given birth to a child. This Real life incident is a big example to explain SOCIAL STIGMA. Our India is a diverse country and we have more population than any other country. We have many languages speaking people in one country.

We have adopted western styles from T-shirts to Hairstyles. But we lack equality and this situation arises. This Social Stigma is built up in all the people’s minds and because of that such crimes take place. We do not allow women to do anything on their own and we say Educate the Daughter and Save the Daughter. Such shameful thinking that we follow on a regular basis and give support to such crimes creates social stigma in people’s minds.

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