A shocking case of the unruly behavior of a passenger on a flight mid-air from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai

Another shocking case of the unruly behavior of a passenger on a flight mid-air has surfaced. A passenger on board Vistara’s Abu Dhabi Mumbai flight was booked after she allegedly insisted on sitting in business class despite having an economy ticket. While the passenger who is from Italy allegedly assaulted the crew and braided semi-naked for a brief period. While the airline crew claims that despite repeated warnings by the pilot, the passenger continued with her unruly behavior.

Vistara Airlines has stated the issue and the airline said that due to the continued unruly conduct and violent behavior of the passenger on January 30, the captain issued a warning card and made a decision to restrain her. As far as the unruly behavior, a shocking incident came in from Vistara Airline this time wherein cracked down on the passenger at that time when the Urination incident had taken place. This is another incident of passenger unruly behavior on board a flight coming from Abudhabi To, Mumbai.

And as for the complaint registered by the crew members on board two of the crew members registered a complaint. A police complaint at Sahar Police Station. Based on the complaint, the Italian woman, the concerned accused in this case was arrested. The latest info is that she has been granted bail by the Mumbai court. However, the complaint mentions that the woman was under the influence of alcohol. Vistara is saying, Vistara is mentioning about it that the woman’s unruly behavior had started before drinks were served on the flight. Before food or beverages were served on the flight side.

Before that, only the unruly behavior had started. She went and sat in the business class when the crew members inquired saying that you have economic class tickets. According to the complaint mentioned by the crewmembers, she slapped one of the crew members and then also spat on another crew member. Later on, as per the instructions given by the captain, she was tied and admitted to sitting on the lunch.

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