Uttarakhand Facing Disaster in 2023; will their prayers listen?

Uttarakhand Facing Disaster in 2023

Uttarakhand Facing Disaster: The disaster is creating a big danger for Math in Uttarakhand. The very strong history of Math and the crisis people are going through is a big worry for all the Uttarakhand people. Suddenly one after the other people started coming to Joshi from families to everyone. The one in front of me is harassing me.

Due to this disaster in Uttarakhand, when you go to the houses and buildings, you will see cracks in the walls. Similarly, the stone which made the base of this road has also fallen after becoming chunky. This means if the pressure increases on this road then time will get stuck. After a crack in two hotels, ten families settled under the hotel were evacuated. Similarly, there are reports of migration of people from this place to different parts.

A lot of people left after building houses. People had to leave their own houses and shift to other places. At last, the government should provide them with places to live. The cracks in the walls of houses, and falling mountains, have shown that a big disaster may destroy everything soon and all living things should be saved. Therefore, migration is a must.

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