Voice clip reveals that Aftab is Yelling at Shraddha Walker

Voice clip reveals that Aftab is Yelling at Shraddha Walker

Voice clip reveals- The big news and such big news have come to the fore which is bound to be related to the Shraddha murder case. Everyone would remember the Shraddha murder case, such a horrifying incident took place which created a terrible incident in the pure country. Even after this horrific incident, people did not stop committing crimes. In what a terrible incident, the crazy lover cut his lover into 35 pieces and kept the pieces of the dead body in the fridge for 18 days, then threw them one by one in the forest of Mehrauli.

Has there been a new twist in the case in which Delhi Police is talking about collecting Aftab’s voice sample? Because a friend of Shraddha has said that there is a voice recording abusing Shraddha, in which Aftab is abusing Shraddha and is talking about killing himself as well. Because of this, Aftab has been brought to the CBI headquarters. Delhi Police found an audio clip of Aftab in which he is seen quarreling with Shraddha. Aftab will be matched with Aftab’s voice sample.

Aftab’s voice test is being done which has been used to match the voice test. If this audio match happens then it will be very difficult for Aftab. Delhi Police is now ascertaining as per law that the voice here is of Aftab in which Aftab and Shraddha are quarreling. Let’s see what turn this case will take in the future, boy, till now this murderer should have been hanged.

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