WhatsApp is Shutting Down Save your Accounts

WhatsApp is Shutting Down Save your Accounts

Let us tell you that as soon as the new year starts, WhatsApp will not work on your mobile, then how will you react? In fact, like every year, this time also WhatsApp is going to end its support from some mobile phones, which include some models of Android and iPhone, but the big question is How much damage will it do to you?

According to the report of China, it is about to finish its coat in 494, after which users will not get new features, and many security updates, and after some time the app itself will stop working. It is a matter of relief that in the list Most of the phones included are quite old, as at least people would be using them. Actually, like every year, this time also WhatsApp has ended its support on some mobile phones. After the Android and iPhone numbers, Whatsapp stopped working on 49 smartphones.

Now 49 smartphones are going to happen and which companies will get you to give smart in it? So today will not be too much just to give you an update about something like smart will not work from one day WhatsApp will give a video then don’t do it. Friends what should you do to advance your platform To make it better, to make it new, it has to be updated from time to time, and as it is updated, then the plant gives support to the device, if it stops, WhatsApp has to do the same.

IPhone 5, iPhone 5, and iPhone 5, which will not work inside, Whatsapp is fine with unity and after that, the rest of the devices are theirs. For the staff will be visible on the screen and in this but now it is a good thing for the people if we are Indians that there are too many shortfalls in such that the copy has become old or there are some smartphones which are not available in India only, do not see outside because the company has Na WhatsApp released a list of its glow. 40 smart in it Whether it is Indian, then there are countries outside. So as a smart there are many such which have not been launched in India, they are not available in India.

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