Who will become the CEO of Twitter? Who should be chosen from India?

Elon Musk now runs five firms and has said that he will be the CEO of Twitter on Monday. The millionaire has just bought Twitter for 44 million dollars. Musk also runs a rocket company, SpaceX. They fired the previous Chief Parag Agrawal in the previous week. Musk also runs Tesla Inc, Brain chip Startup Neuralink, and the Boarding Company.

He had fired the Twitter boss Andrew Wall along with other higher authority executives. He also dissolved the board and sole director of the company. Twitter is refusing to say how long Elon Musk will stay the CEO of the company. Or he has to find the new chief. Musk said that through a tweet, the conclusion of the board was just a temporary move and refused to share more information related to the new CEO of Twitter.

Musk is moving rapidly to build his stamp on the reputed company. He says that he will review how people will have to verify and may charge for the use of covered Blue Tick on Twitter. The team members are filing a meeting to carry the discussion further on this BLUE TICK topic. And on the other hand, some of the staff members said that they had little communication with Elon Musk. So, these are the news reports that we have tried to keep in front of you to know what is happening with TWITTER. The question is still open: Who will become the New CEO of Twitter?

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