Wrestler’s Big #MeToo Protest Government Intervenes 10 Points

Wrestler’s Big #MeToo Protest Government Intervenes 10 Points

#MeToo Protest : From the Wrestling Federation of India. This after top wrestlers including Olympian Vinesh Pogat, Olympic medalist Bajrang Punia and Sakshi Malik yesterday sat on protests alleging gross misconduct by the sports body’s coaches and its president, Bridge Bush, and Sharon Singh. Vinash Porgat, the first Indian woman wrestler to win gold in both the Commonwealth Games and the Asian Games, said that the national coaches molested female wrestlers over the years and were given death threats by officials.

Along with other top Indian wrestlers, satin this protest at Jantar Mantar in Delhi. The wrestlers have called for the removal of the WFI president from the polls. They’re sitting on protest today as well. Meanwhile, the WFI President Bridge, Bush, and Sharon Singh Vehemently denied the charges. He said he would quit if the charges were proven.

“We will not be able to go to the national camp. It happens, it happens anytime. How many percent of us get positive? No, or how many times by requesting us, how many times I failed, like we were asking the foundation, have we sent so many emails to today. No reply by mail about anything. We all left our training and straight away focused on their important tournament. But that’s why if there will be a problem with speaking premium the sound has to be yes, which is correct and the regulations should be thoroughly investigated.

Whatever we have said in the conference, which I have taught is true and we will speak about it with the PM, It is that he called us to listen to our words, and then the Home Minister channel has also become his own, he is asking to whom it happened, why it happened, so we have put our words in front of him” Says Wrestlers.

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